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Precautions for waterproofing emulsion
Nov 09, 2016

Polymer emulsion building waterproof emulsion coating is a synthetic acrylic emulsion and inorganic polymer powder in accordance with the scientific ratio of two-component products. With excellent impermeability, anti-corrosion, bond performance. Construction in the wet base surface. Corrosion resistance, high temperature, low temperature resistance, aging resistance. Non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, do not pollute the environment. Infiltration crystallization waterproof, such as no damage and structural deformation, with the building with life. Particularly suitable for waterproofing layer on the direct surface materials (such as putty, sand gray, tiles, etc.) construction.

Then waterproof emulsion in the construction industry to use what specific matters need to know:

Primary treatment: mortar, concrete and brick base table table should reach hard, smooth, rough, clean, moist. Grass-roots level should meet the construction requirements of the strength (usually more than 2 weeks of conservation period); grassroots if uneven, bump of the Department, should be flattened; grassroots if the obstruction of the mature layer of dust, dust and other debris, The wire brush to get rid of, oil, grease and other agents used to remove; on the vulnerable parts of the hollow drum should be removed, and 100 to expose a hard substrate, with cement mortar to find almost all kinds of cracks, cracks, cold joints and other parts, should Chiseled v-shaped groove, with cement or mortar mortar repair leveling, brick mortar cement mortar filling the application of flattening; for the pipes through the grassroots, iron, around the electrical socket should be ticked into an annular groove, and then emulsion Dry mortar, especially the brick masonry, the surface should be treated with water spray wet, and pay attention to the cloth to lift up the free water, in order to improve the teaching power with the grass-roots level

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