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Styrene-acrylic emulsion is indispensable in the paper industry
Nov 09, 2016

Styrene-acrylic emulsion is a styrene-modified acrylate copolymer emulsion coating which uses styrene partially or completely instead of methyl methacrylate in pure acrylic emulsion.Because of the introduction of styrene segment in the copolymer , Which can improve the water resistance, alkali resistance, hardness, stain resistance and powder resistance of the coating, and overcome the flammable, explosive, toxic, serious pollution and other shortcomings, the cost is lower than pure acrylic emulsion.

With the development of the paper industry, styrene-acrylic emulsion in the paper industry and paper processing has become an indispensable industrial supplies, is widely used in pulp additives, paper impregnating agent and paper coating agent to improve paper resistance Tensile strength, ring strength and water resistance.

Styrene-acrylic emulsion in the polymerization should pay attention to the following points:

1, styrene-acrylic emulsion polymerization of high water quality requirements. If the polymerization can not be normal, or product stability is not good, should check whether the water quality requirements.

2, the polymerization process if there is no light blue edge of the edge of the phenomenon, the stability of the product will be bad. If this is the case, the experiment should be repeated.

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