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You know why the styrene-acrylic emulsion white in winter
Nov 09, 2016

Styrene-acrylic emulsion (styrene - acrylic emulsion) is styrene and acrylic ester monomer derived by emulsion copolymerization. Styrene-acrylic emulsion is the system of emulsion polymerization, with excellent water resistance, scrub resistance, anti-staining. Styrene-acrylic emulsion as an important class of intermediate chemical products, has a very wide range of uses, are mainly used for architectural coatings, metal surface latex paint, floor coatings, paper adhesives, adhesives.

Today we have to talk about the reasons for your styrene-acrylic emulsion winter whitening:

(1) due to the winter windy and more frost, may styrene-acrylic emulsion water resistance is not good, resulting in styrene-acrylic emulsion winter white;

(2) may be and styrene-acrylic emulsion supporting the use of materials react, resulting in styrene-acrylic emulsion whitening;

(3) styrene-acrylic emulsion in the dry process, was blowing a lot of dust, pay attention to reasonable protection.

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