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AKD Sizing Agent Process Performance
Jun 12, 2017

AKD Sizing Agent The quality fraction of sizing agent has a certain effect on the process properties of carbon fiber. The quality score of carbon fiber sizing agent is usually 0.001 ~ 0.1, preferably 0.005 ~ 0.05. When preparing the carbon fiber for prepreg, especially when preparing thin prepreg, the quality fraction of carbon fiber sizing agent should be as low as possible, in order to facilitate the dispersion, expansion and impregnation of fiber. AKD Sizing Agent However, the quality of sizing agent is too low, will lead to a poor cluster of carbon fiber, Mausto, hairy Group, the process of easy breaking wire, to the process of great difficulties. Therefore, the quality of sizing agent is generally 0.005 ~ 0.012 more suitable. For woven carbon fiber, due to the fiber mutual friction more, AKD Sizing Agent sizing agent quality score is correspondingly higher, but the high sizing agent quality fraction Although the process performance is good, but will affect the fabric infiltration performance, especially AEW large fabrics, AKD Sizing Agent in the fiber lap, often resin is difficult to saturate. Therefore, the quality fraction of sizing agent should be as low as possible under the precondition of ensuring the process is feasible, generally not exceeding 0.02. Influence of sizing agent quality fraction on carbon fiber process performance

Because of the different environments and conditions of composite materials, the properties of resin matrix used vary. The carbon fiber sizing agent must adapt to the substrate used under different working conditions and has good compatibility with it to give full play to the excellent properties of carbon fiber. Each carbon fiber manufacturers have their own sizing agent products, and different resins have the best matching effect, AKD Sizing Agent in order to meet user requirements.

The surface properties of carbon fiber include surface physical properties and chemical properties. Surface physical properties include surface topography, surface groove size and distribution, surface roughness, surface free energy, etc. surface chemical properties including surface chemical composition, main group species and content. Nursel Dilsiz and so on [23] through SEM, XPS on the surface of the carbon fiber after the pulp and the removal of pulp after the analysis, found that the pulp before the surface of the fiber more smooth, AKD Sizing Agent after the removal of the pulp after the surface of the fiber has a clear gully-like, and oh,-and other oxygen The surface topography of a, B and C 3 kinds of carbon fiber were observed by SEM, AKD Sizing Agent De Yue New and Sho Ho [24]. Found that carbon fiber A and carbon fiber B after the removal of pulp, carbon fiber surface of the point sizing agent and other substances disappear, the fiber surface of the groove more obvious, that for carbon fiber A and carbon fiber B, AKD Sizing Agent the sizing of some of the carbon fiber surface of the original groove, but introduced some point-like material. For carbon fiber C, the sizing agent covers the fiber surface of the groove, making the fiber surface roughness.

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