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AKD Sizing Agent Components
Sep 14, 2017

Sizing agent is one or more film-forming macromolecule material, its role is made into the pulp padding in the fabric, so that attached to the fabric surface, dry film after the formation of the fabric surface wrapped, so as to give the fabric smooth, Thick, plump, stiff feel. When the slurry is configured, the filler is added at the same time to increase the weight of the fabric and fill the cloth holes so that the fabric is smooth and thick.

One or more film-forming macromolecules, which are made into a finishing pad and soaked on a fabric so that it is attached to the surface of the fabric and dried to form a film to wrap the fabric surface, thereby imparting a smooth, thick, plump fabric , Stiff feel. Sizing, starch and starch conversion products of dextrin, soluble starch, and sodium alginate, bovine gum, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), cellulose sodium zincate, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), poly Acrylic, etc., these can be used alone or in accordance with the requirements of mixed use. When the slurry is configured, the filler is added at the same time to increase the weight of the fabric and fill the cloth holes so that the fabric is smooth and thick. Common fillers are talc, kaolin and bentonite. In order to prevent the deterioration of the slurry corruption, but also to add phenol, such as the preservation of preservatives.

Sizing agent is an important part of the surface of carbon fiber, giving the fiber a better processing performance: cluster, open fiber, abrasion resistance, wetting.

In the carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite material, the real interface between the reinforcing carbon fiber and the matrix resin is a transition layer formed by the main agent as the main body.

Sizing agent to connect carbon fiber, but also to connect the matrix resin, so that both become a bearing the overall force, has an indispensable role. Most of the application of carbon fiber is further processed into intermediate products or composite materials to use, so the carbon fiber and the matrix resin between the bonding performance is very important, will directly affect the carbon fiber and its products, deep processing and composite properties of the composite.

The aqueous dispersion contains a cellulosic active sizing agent and an anionic hydrophobically modified dispersant, preferably an anionic hydrophobically modified cellulose derivative, and the present invention further relates to such dispersions and their preparation, Further explanation is required. This dispersion gives improved stability and sizing properties and is particularly useful for papermaking pulp with high cationic requirements and containing lipophilic substances, especially highly white water.

In the same cellulosic sizing agent, an improved sizing degree is achieved over conventional sizing dispersions; at the same sizing level, the amount of cellulosic active sizing agent is lower. The use of a lower amount of sizing agent achieves a specified sizing, which reduces the risk of the accumulation of unadsorbed sizing in the process of recirculating white water, thereby reducing agglomeration and sedimentation of the sizing agent on the papermaking apparatus.

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