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AKD Sizing Agent Fiber And Matrix
Oct 13, 2017

A method for manufacturing carbon fiber with excellent adhesion to the matrix resin and high processing quality. The invention provides a method for manufacturing a sizing agent coated carbon fiber, AKD Sizing Agent wherein the sizing agent coated carbon fiber coating is selected from the following [a], [b] and [C] at least one sizing agent, [a], [b] and [C] use epoxy compounds with more than 2 senses (A1) and/or epoxy bases with more than 1 senses, and has the choice of self hydroxyl, amide base, the epoxy compound (A2) of at least one of the functional groups of the acyl imide, urethane, urea, sulfonate, and sulfonate as a component (a), the manufacturing method is characterized in that the sizing agent is coated on the carbon fiber, Heat treatment in the 160~260℃ temperature range of 30-600 sec. [A] in relation to (a) component 100 quality, at least 0. The 1~25 mass is used as a sizing agent for (b) component, a 100g/mol of tertiary amine compound and/or tertiary amine Salt (B1) which has a molecular weight of above; [B] in relation to (a) component 100 At least 0. The 1~25 quality portion is used as a component of (B), AKD Sizing Agent the sizing agent (general formula (i) and (ii) of the following general formula (i) or (ii) of any of the expressed cations of quaternary ammonium salts (B2), R1~R5 respectively, represents the hydrocarbon base of the carbon atom number 1~22, A group of hydrocarbon and ether structures containing the number of carbon atoms 1~22, any of a group of hydrocarbon and ester structures containing 1~22 of carbon atoms, or any of a group of hydrocarbons and hydroxyl groups containing the number of carbon atoms 1~22, R6 and R7 respectively represent the hydrocarbon base of the $number of hydrogen, carbon atoms, and the groups of hydrocarbon and ether structures containing the number of carbon atoms $number, Or any of several groups of hydrocarbon and ester structures containing $number of carbon atoms. ); [c] in relation to (A) component 100 Mass, at least 0.1~25 the quality portion of the phosphonium salt and/or phosphine compound (B3) is used as a sizing agent.

In the manufacturing engineering of high performance carbon fiber, the sizing process of carbon fiber is an indispensable link. On the one hand, the sizing process can form functional organic polymer layer on the surface of carbon fiber, optimization of carbon fiber wear-resistant, cluster, spreading performance, adjust the fiber dry and elastic, inhibit the process and use of carbon fiber after the production of hair silk, AKD Sizing Agent so that carbon fiber to adapt to the molding process of composite materials weaving, paving and winding process requirements. On the other hand, the organic polymer layer formed on the inert carbon fiber surface of the sizing process can improve the wettability and bonding ability of the carbon fiber and matrix, AKD Sizing Agent and the bonding interface between the fiber and the matrix is formed when the composites are formed, and the interfacial bonding between the carbon fiber and the matrix and the interfacial shear strength of the At the same time, by changing the molecular types of the main components of sizing agent system, AKD Sizing Agent the application of carbon fiber in different resin matrix is realized, and the diversification and adaptability of carbon fiber products and corresponding composites are formed.。

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