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AKD Sizing Agent Manufacturing Engineering
Jul 28, 2017

In the production of high-performance carbon fiber, AKD Sizing Agent carbon fiber sizing process is an indispensable link. On the one hand, the sizing process can form a functional organic polymer layer on the surface of the carbon fiber, optimize the wear, cluster, spreading performance of the carbon fiber, AKD Sizing Agent adjust the dryness and elasticity of the fiber, inhibit the production of the wool during the processing and use of the carbon fiber, To adapt to the process of forming composite materials weaving, AKD Sizing Agent laying and winding process requirements. On the other hand, the sizing process in the inert carbon fiber surface formed by the organic polymer layer, AKD Sizing Agent can improve the carbon fiber and matrix wettability, bonding ability, the composite material forming a good interface between the fiber and the matrix, improve the carbon fiber and the matrix Between the interface bond and the interfacial shear strength (ILSS) of the composite. At the same time, by changing the molecular type of the main components of the sizing agent system, the application of carbon fiber in different resin matrix is realized, AKD Sizing Agent and the diversification and adaptability of carbon fiber products and corresponding composites are formed.

In the production and processing of carbon fiber, due to the brittleness of carbon fiber, repeated mechanical friction will cause the fiber monofilament fracture, the formation of wool. 60% -70% of the carbon fiber used for composite materials need to go through the process of weaving, AKD Sizing Agent preparation of prepreg. When the carbon fiber weaving on the loom, due to the constant tensile, friction, bending and other effects, carbon fiber will be fluffy, AKD Sizing Agent loose or split the phenomenon, making the preparation difficult to fabric quality. The hair will hinder the matrix resin from infiltrating the fibers, causing the pores of the composite material to affect the final composite properties. Sizing can be combined with wool, so that carbon fiber bundles, AKD Sizing Agent improve the carbon fiber post-processing performance. Carbon fiber can also act as a lubricant to protect carbon fibers and reduce the coefficient of friction.

Carbon fiber sizing agent as a wetting agent, AKD Sizing Agent coated on the surface of carbon fiber, can improve the fiber surface of the resin wetting ability to shorten the preparation time of composite materials and improve product performance.

The importance of the sizing agent to the composite material is that the sizing layer can be used as a link between the fiber and the resin to transfer the load between the substrate and the reinforcement. AKD Sizing Agent The active high polymer layer formed on the surface of the carbon fiber is soaked that the original high inert carbon fiber can react effectively with the substrate to improve the interfacial strength of the carbon fiber composite. However, if the composition of the sizing agent is not selected properly, AKD Sizing Agent the interface performance is not improved Role, and even on the interface between the two phases have a negative effect, is not conducive to the performance of composite materials play. To achieve the purpose of improving the interface, must be selected for a specific substrate or the development of the corresponding sizing agent main pulp.

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