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AKD Sizing Agent Methods And Applications
Jul 20, 2017

Sizing agent is one or more film-forming macromolecule material, AKD Sizing Agent its role is made of finishing pulp padding on the fabric, so that attached to the fabric surface, the formation of the film after drying the fabric surface wrapped, so as to give the fabric smooth, AKD Sizing Agent Thick, plump, stiff feel. When the slurry is configured, the filler is added at the same time to increase the weight of the fabric, fill the cloth holes, and make the fabric smooth and thick.

One or more film-forming macromolecules, which is made into a layer of pulp and soaked in a fabric so that it is attached to the surface of the fabric and dried to form a film to wrap the fabric surface, AKD Sizing Agent thereby imparting a smooth, thick, plump fabric , Stiff feel. Sizing, starch and starch conversion products dextrin, soluble starch, and sodium alginate, bovine gum, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), AKD Sizing Agent cellulose sodium zincate, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), poly Acrylic acid, etc., these can be used alone or in accordance with the requirements of mixed use. When the slurry is configured, the filler is added at the same time to increase the weight of the fabric, fill the cloth holes, AKD Sizing Agent and make the fabric smooth and thick. Common fillers are talc, AKD Sizing Agent kaolin and bentonite. In order to prevent the deterioration of the slurry corruption, but also to add phenol, such as preservatives.

A thermoplastic sizing agent and its preparation method and application include the following components: 1 wt% -10 wt% cyclic phenyl sulfide ether or cyclic phenyl sulfide mixture; 0.1 wt% -1 wt% suspension stabilizer; 0.1 wt% to 1 wt% % Catalyst; 10 wt% to 30 wt% organic solvent; 68 wt% to 85 wt% water. Preparation method: the suspension stabilizer added to the water, AKD Sizing Agent stirring evenly; AKD Sizing Agent then ring benzene sulfide or cyclic benzene sulfide mixture and catalyst dispersed in the organic solvent added at 300-1000r / min speed stirring 0.5-2 hours; And then in the 5000-10000r / min speed of high-speed stirring 0.5-1.0 hours, that is, too. The thermoplastic sizing agent obtained by the invention has good heat resistance and can reduce the surface tension of the fiber, improve the wettability of the thermoplastic sizing agent to the fiber, AKD Sizing Agent apply it and make the fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide composite material, The formation of a thin layer of polyphenylene sulfide resin layer, is conducive to increasing the fiber and polyphenylene sulfide resin matrix between the infiltration, AKD Sizing Agent significantly improve the fiber reinforced polyphenylene sulfide composite interface properties.

Any fiber in the drawing must be immersed in the infiltration agent, or can not be integrated beam will be broken wire. The main component is a film-forming agent (resin), AKD Sizing Agent epoxy resin is one, there are polyester, polyurethane resin, etc., the main component is a film-forming agent (resin) Resin in the glass industry is also known as film-forming agent. Ideally, each filament surface is coated with an infiltrant, and a bundle of fibers can be compressed into a paper-like film at a later time. According to the use of several kinds of infiltration, AKD Sizing Agent epoxy emulsion is one of them. Usually manufacturers will only buy their own with the resin with the infiltration agent, the lack of technology to buy a small plant has been equipped with a good sizing agent.

Film-forming agent as the most critical part of the infiltration agent, its performance directly determines the effect of the infiltration agent, AKD Sizing Agent the performance of the yarn as well as the quality of yarn are extremely important.

The main role of film-forming agent is to achieve the original wire stiff, soft, strong penetration, AKD Sizing Agent resistance to mechanical, to meet the different varieties of processing technology requirements.

The latest research and development of water-based polyester film-forming agent in 2013 can be based on film-forming agent soft, hard, toughness, AKD Sizing Agent penetration rate, alkali resistance, Tg and other performance requirements of molecular design. Our water-based polyester can completely replace the old formula such as paraffin-type infiltrates, AKD Sizing Agent 711,811 infiltrates. Our polyester emulsion has a high molecular weight, AKD Sizing Agent a moderate Tg, excellent performance and a more comprehensive polyester film forming agent.

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