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AKD Sizing Agent Role
May 27, 2017


In the carbon fiber production line is usually equipped with sizing device. The role of sizing is to protect the surface activated carbon fiber after treatment, to avoid the air dust and moisture adsorption. In addition, the sizing agent on the carbon fiber surface to form protective film, so in subsequent processing process to reduce friction, wear and prevent the production of filament. AKD Sizing Agent It is mentioned in the literature that the role of carbon fiber surface sizing agent mainly in the following four aspects: first, a cluster function, similar to the binder to the carbon fiber together, improve the process performance, easy to process; the second is similar coupling agent, improve the chemical bonding between carbon fiber and resin, improve the interface performance of the composite; the third is to play the role of lubricants, that is, to protect carbon fiber, reduce friction between carbon fiber, so that the damage suffered as small as possible; Finally, the equivalent of wetting agent, improve the wettability of carbon fiber, easy resin impregnation , reduce the preparation time and improve the quality of the composites. Different parts need to choose different types of composite materials, then, the use of resin system is not the same, its performance varies, carbon fiber surface sizing Agent must adapt to different resin system, and with good compatibility, so as to give full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber. Therefore, the carbon fiber manufacturers have their own sizing agent products, and different resin systems have the best matching effect, to meet the user's use requirements. AKD Sizing Agent In this experiment, three kinds of carbon fiber surface sizing agents were measured in IR spectra, their mass content and thickness were estimated, and the contact angle, microcosmic form and surface element types and content of carbon fiber with sizing agent and without sizing agent were given. On this basis, the effects of three kinds of carbon fiber surface sizing agents on the surface properties of fiber were discussed, which lay a good foundation for further discussing the microstructure, composition, interfacial adhesion and failure mechanism of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites.

Theoretically, fiber density is closely related to fiber performance. The greater the fiber density, the better the performance of the fibers. This is because in the oxidation stage, with the N Hu and other impurities in the form of small molecules, the density of fiber gradually increased, the larger the fiber density corresponding to the lower impurity content, in addition to the graphite treatment of fiber, the high heat treatment temperature makes the amorphous, the layer structure of carbon fiber material to three-dimensional graphite structure, the three-dimensional ordered graphite structure formation of graphite microcrystalline, stacked dense, AKD Sizing Agent so the greater the density of fiber means that the fiber after the graphite treatment of the formation of ordered graphite structure is more , the fiber strength or modulus of the corresponding increase.

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