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AKD Sizing Agent The Performance
Aug 07, 2017

Carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, AKD Sizing Agent known as the 21st century new materials. Because of its high modulus, high strength, small proportion, high temperature, anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion and a series of excellent performance, and its advanced resin composite materials in the modern aerospace cutting-edge technology and sports and leisure products, civil construction , AKD Sizing Agent Electronic products, medical equipment and other fields have a wide range of applications.

However, carbon fiber is a brittle material, in the production and processing process, the mechanical friction is easy to fluff, or the emergence of monofilament fracture and other phenomena, so that the strength of carbon fiber. Moreover, due to the presence of wool, the resin matrix can not fully wet the carbon fiber, in the preparation of composite materials prone to pores, thus affecting the mechanical properties of composite materials . In addition, the existence of the hair will have an impact on the working environment, AKD Sizing Agent may cause electrical equipment, instruments and other road accidents, seriously affecting the production and safety, but also the health of the operator harm . AKD Sizing Agent At present, the carbon fiber sizing treatment is the main method to solve the above problems. Sizing is in the surface treatment of carbon fiber coated with a layer of protective layer, the basic composition of organic matter, the thickness of about tens to hundreds of nm, the mass fraction is generally between 0.8% to 1.5%. AKD Sizing Agent It is generally believed that the main role of sizing agent is to reduce the phenomenon of fiber hair breaking, so that carbon fiber bundles to improve its processing performance and play a protective role.

Carbon fiber sizing agent can be divided into two kinds, one is the solution type, is the organic resin, such as polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl acetate polymer, acrylic polymer, polyurethane, epoxy resin, dissolved in acetone and other organic solvents In the preparation of the other is the emulsion type, is a resin as the main body, accompanied by a certain amount of emulsifier, a small amount or no cross-linking agent and other additives made of emulsion. Solution-type sizing agent requires a large number of flammable organic solvents, there are many shortcomings, will bring economic, safety, health and other issues. Therefore, foreign widely used emulsion-type glue, it is generally not easy to leave resin on the guide roller, and no solvent pollution of the environment, AKD Sizing Agent and because the emulsion contains surfactants, can greatly improve the wetting of carbon fiber surface.

The main polymer is the main component of the carbon fiber sizing agent. The principle of selection is that the sizing agent prepared by it has good adhesion to the pulp fiber and can form a good serosa, and the physical and chemical properties of the slurry are stable , The pulp source is sufficient, the formula is simple. According to the "similar compatibility" principle, AKD Sizing Agent when the chemical structure between the fiber and sizing agent and the polarity of the main group is similar, there is good adhesion between the two. Carbon fiber sizing a lot of varieties, mainly with the matrix resin to match. For a certain matrix resin, you must use a suitable sizing agent. At present the international use of sizing agent main polymer mainly epoxy resin, vinyl acetate resin, AKD Sizing Agent acrylic resin, polyurethane, phenolic resin . In recent years, people on the epoxy group as the main body of the sizing agent more . Abroad used in the past, AKD Sizing Agent epoxy carbon fiber sizing agent, aromatic glycidyl ether and aromatic glycidyl amine and so on. The initial bisphenol A diglycidyl ether sizing agent has a good adhesion to the fiber and the resin matrix due to the use of the same compound as the resin matrix. However, the carbon fiber in the weaving, the required cohesion, especially the flexibility, can not meet the processing requirements, the sizing agent on the weaving when the phenomenon of hair breaking and did not produce a certain inhibitory effect. AKD Sizing Agent The bisphenol A type epoxy resin is emulsified to form a sizing agent for the aqueous emulsion using OPE nonionic surfactant as an emulsifier. The sizing agent is not used as a solvent,AKD Sizing Agent is not toxic and flammable, does not pollute the environment but emulsifies The type and amount of the agent is specific and does not adequately achieve the effect of the sizing agent in suppressing the hairiness and the breaking of the fibers during weaving, and the effect of the sizing agent on increasing the interlaminar shear strength of the composite material. N, N, N, N-tetraglycidyl ether-based phenylenediamine as a sizing agent, AKD Sizing Agent the carbon fiber and the reinforcing resin are excellent in adhesion, and the sizing agent is better than bisphenol A diglycidyl ether, The interlaminar shear strength has improved. But because it contains amine, AKD Sizing Agent epoxy groups often change, so that the treatment of carbon fiber with time changes in the loss of flexibility, into a hard state.

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