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Characteristics And Application Of Wet Strength Agent
Nov 09, 2016

PPE (PAV) wet strength agent known as polyamide polyepichlorohydrin resin, is a water-soluble, cationic, thermosetting resin, formaldehyde-free polymer, non-toxic and tasteless, in neutral, slightly alkaline and acidic , The application of PPE wet strength agent to wood pulp is higher than that of grass paper. With the increase of beating degree, the surface area of pulp fiber increases, and the adsorption capacity of wet strength agent becomes larger. Of the wet and dry strength of the corresponding increase; the negatively charged filler, rubber and fine fibers have a strong adsorption, papermaking process has significant retention, filter effect; add the amount of paper depending on the wet strength requirements, The excessive addition will cause flocculation of paper pulp, which will affect the uniformity of papermaking and the reuse of paper. The stickiness and sticking cylinder will be seriously affected. The difference of paper weight will affect the retention of PPE wetting agent. The wet strength of the paper is only about 70%, and the maximum wet strength can be achieved by the aging period of 7-15 days. The PPE can increase the dry strength by about 15-20%; the effect of retention and filtration is obvious, The retention rate of the fiber can be improved from 70% to 80%, the clarity of white water is improved obviously; AKD has synergistic effect, which can reduce the dosage of AKD; the paper has improved the folding endurance, surface strength and transverse expansion rate, The paper machine in the operation of the wet paper to reduce the head also have good results.

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