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Classification Of Stripping Agents
Nov 09, 2016

1) Polymer wax: modified polymer wax by emulsification, the formation of 10-100nm diameter emulsion, the product is cationic, anionic, non-ionic. Features: and paper fiber adsorption is good, less loss, the paper can increase the brightness.

2) mineral oil: mechanical oil and other alkane substances, can be directly coated, can also be dubbed latex spray, is characterized by stripping effect, and can be used for high-speed paper machine.

3) vegetable oil: the same as with mineral oil can be directly coated, can also be dubbed emulsion coating. The effect is not as good as mineral oil.

4) Silicone: silicone is a superior performance of the stripping agent, a certain degree of smoothness, but may result in poor oil dispersion due to poor results, and the relative price is more expensive.

5) Polyether: polyether is a low molecular weight alcohol connected to a certain amount of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide produced from more easily dispersed in a variety of coatings, adjustable ethylene oxide, propylene oxide ratio, Control product stripping and dispersion.

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