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Paper Making Chemical A Certain Conductivity
Oct 09, 2017

Electromagnetic flowmeter can be used with the computer to achieve system control, with the hand valve, switch valve with the use, but each time to change the recipe also use the hand valve to adjust, Paper Making Chemical and with the control valve can be used in the control room Adjustment. Flowmeter requires the measured fluid must have a certain conductivity, conductivity ≥ 5μS / cm, so some of the low conductivity of the fluid must be used to measure the mass flow meter, the price is relatively expensive.

Actual production is usually used in conjunction with the control valve to control the flow. The mass flow controller is an instrument that can be detected simultaneously and can be controlled. The mass flow controller itself, Paper Making Chemical in addition to the measuring part, also has an electromagnetic control valve or a piezo valve. The mass flow control itself constitutes a closed-loop system for controlling the mass flow of the fluid. The mass flow controller's setpoint can be supplied via analog voltage, analog current, Paper Making Chemical or computer, PLC.

Metering pumps are not only metering equipment or transportation equipment, so the use of metering pumps without additional equipped with pump, the main components of the motor, Paper Making Chemical gearbox, cylinder three parts. The transmission box component is composed of a turbine worm mechanism, a stroke adjustment mechanism and a crank link mechanism. The cylinder block is composed of a pump head, a suction valve group, a discharge valve group, a plunger and a packing seal.

The motor drives the worm by the coupling and decelerates the spindle and the eccentric wheel by the worm gear deceleration, which is driven by the eccentric wheel in the sliding adjustment seat. Paper Making Chemical When the plunger moves forward, the suction valve closes and the discharge valve opens and discharges the liquid. When the plunger moves forward, the suction valve closes and the discharge valve opens and discharges the liquid.

In the reciprocating cycle of the pump work to form a continuous pressure, Paper Making Chemical quantitative discharge of liquid. Pump flow can be adjusted by adjusting the plunger stroke and speed to adjust the actual application of process control widely used 4 ~ 20mA analog current signal as a sensor, the controller and the implementation of inter-agency signal exchange standards, Paper Making Chemical to achieve the stroke and stroke frequency of the external Adjustment, can be operated in DCS or PLC.

The following should be noted when installing and using metering pumps:

(1) the pump should be installed in a special spare concrete foundation or cast iron platform, corrected with anchor bolts, concrete foundation should be higher than the ground 50 ~ 100mm above;

(2) suction and discharge diameter should not be less than the import and export diameter, suction pipe should be shortened;

(3) exports higher than imports, Paper Making Chemical to avoid siphoning phenomenon;

(4) Pump head and injection valve require vertical installation;

(5) attached to the hand can be tightened by hand, do not use the tool; thread does not use raw material belt;

(6) The power supply voltage is stable and grounded.

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