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Paper Making Chemical Industry Development
Nov 01, 2017

The rapid development of the paper industry has also brought opportunities for the development of the paper chemicals industry. China's paper-making chemicals accounted for 7.8% of the total market value of global pulp and paper chemicals, well below the US 23.3%, Paper Making Chemical also lower than Japan's 12.5%, and China's total output of paper and paper in 2008 accounted for 20.4% of the global total output Disproportionate.

It is precisely because of China's paper chemicals market has a huge space for development, "planning" that China's paper chemicals industry in the next five years - 10 years will be a period of great development. The large-scale production of modern large-scale high-speed paper machine, Paper Making Chemical the high-grade paper brought by the modern economy, the diversification of varieties and the rapid development of modern printing technology have brought great development opportunities to papermaking chemicals.

China's paper chemicals industry started late, domestic enterprises to develop paper chemicals due to the size, quality reasons, still can not compete with the international companies. Paper Making Chemical China's new production of some large paper-making enterprises, especially foreign paper mills used by many chemicals still rely on imports. At present, the main problems of the development of the industry are highlighted in the following aspects:

Weak innovation ability, Paper Making Chemical poor variety of targeted, the number of small, low level of technical duplication. From the variety point of view, although many varieties of domestic products are produced, but because of the poor product orientation, not only limits the scope of application, but also to scale up the scale of production; from the product's own quality point of view, many products only solved a "There" "no" problem, in quality and abroad there is still a certain gap. In particular, Paper Making Chemical with the technical progress of the paper industry, the application of large-scale high-speed paper machine, the quality and stability of paper chemicals put forward higher requirements.

From the scale of production, the global papermaking chemicals in the international community has formed a number of highly competitive large enterprises, Paper Making Chemical many of the world's top 500 international companies regard paper chemicals as the company's important business areas, their product sales Are carried out on a global scale, but China's paper-making chemical production enterprises production scale is too small, lack of technological innovation capacity, lack of competition with international large enterprises to support the industry's large-scale backbone enterprises are still forming.

Industrial energy-saving emission reduction, Paper Making Chemical clean production of some of the new varieties to be developed. With the country increasingly stringent environmental requirements, timber resources, water resources, energy scarcity, to the paper industry put forward a series of new issues. Developed countries have developed a number of new paper chemicals to meet the new era of papermaking, Paper Making Chemical and China has just started, the urgent need for organizational development.

In view of the bottleneck and restriction of common technology bottlenecks and constraints faced by China's paper industry, such as resources, energy, environment, Paper Making Chemical industrial transformation and upgrading, the paper puts forward the "12th Five-Year Plan" for the overall development goal of China's paper industry, "The focus of the development of the industry during the direction: for China's paper industry fiber raw materials, Paper Making Chemical vigorously develop non-wood fiber and renewable fiber chemicals and key common technology; for China's paper industry serious environmental problems, Research on Chemical and Applied Technology.

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