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Paper Making Chemical Main Raw Materials
May 27, 2017

Paper chemicals industry production of various types of products are mainly raw materials are all kinds of basic chemical raw materials or some of the primary chemical products, the number of more than more than 100 species, but stearic acid and rosin two species accounted for more than 70%; production process is through chemical synthesis, the main production equipment are such as reaction pot, dissolved kettle, Paper Making Chemical distillation tower, filter and other general equipment. At present, the basic chemical industry in China is a large number of manufacturers and fierce competition, so the paper chemical industry in its bargaining, more advantages.

Supply quantity upstream raw material supply quantity is more. More supply, with strong bargaining power.

Product unique products of many chemicals, high technical content. Products have a certain bargaining power.

Forward integration capability because of upstream raw materials for the basic chemical raw materials, price fluctuations, paper chemicals manufacturers do not appear to buy upstream enterprises. Lack of willingness to integrate forward

The downstream demand of papermaking chemicals industry is the paper industry. At present, the concentration of the paper industry is low, which is the atomic market structure. Generally speaking, in the paper-making enterprises, the competition is very fierce in the production of paper chemicals, so, Paper Making Chemical in the bargain with the downstream, the paper chemical industry is at a disadvantage. However, some enterprises with strong research and development ability have dominant advantage in each niche market, in the monopoly position in the market, it lies in the bargaining power of paper enterprises.

At present, China's paper products (including paper, cardboard, paper products) The total consumption after the United States, is the world's second largest consumer of paper products. On the other hand, Chinese paper products per capita annual consumption is less than 27 kg, only about half of the world per capita consumption, and developed countries per capita consumption of 200 to 300 kilograms is far from. Such a huge market space, making China's paper chemicals market demand space is huge.

The lure of the cake, foreign capital "invasion", large multinational companies have been landing in China. As a global supplier of paper chemicals serving the paper industry, China has been an important market for growth in its business. The world's Top 9 global companies (such as Chimera, Ciba, Hercules, BASF, Dow Chemical, Nalco, Kaka, Clariant and Bachman) have established joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises or offices in China.

The overall gross margin of the attractiveness evaluation industry is not high, but the market space is larger. Strong appeal.

Entry barriers due to the high technical requirements of papermaking chemicals, entry barriers are higher. Entry barriers are higher.

Enterprise Counterattack degree because the industry itself is not high gross margin, the degree of counterattack is also low. The level of corporate retaliation is low.

At this stage, domestic paper companies, including internal and foreign companies, two categories. One of the domestic companies to the Tianma refined (listed companies), Paper Friends technology, Chuan Hua Yang as the main body; foreign companies in Shanghai Hercules, Chimera Chemicals (Shanghai), Paper Making Chemical Ciba refined China, Bachman Laboratory Chemical (Shanghai) and so on behalf of these companies have a very strong competitive ability.

Domestic Special papermaking Chemicals market competition is fierce. At present, most paper-making chemicals can be self-sufficient, some products have excess capacity, special paper chemicals, the overall import volume is relatively small, mainly benefiting from foreign paper chemicals enterprises in China to set up production bases and supply their products to domestic paper enterprises. At the same time, some special papermaking chemicals are all provided by foreign-funded enterprises, and foreign-funded enterprises also basically occupy the high-end market of domestic paper-making chemicals, and with large-scale paper enterprises or foreign-invested paper enterprises, these factors have a certain degree of influence on the domestic special papermaking chemicals enterprises market development.

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