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Paper Making Chemical Market Prospect
Aug 24, 2017

Papermaking chemicals are the general name of various chemical agents and auxiliaries used in papermaking.Including the content of the more extensive, both the pulping chemicals (such as cooking agent, deinking agent, etc.), dipping paper chemicals (such as sizing agent and wet strength agent, etc.), paper processing chemicals (such as fungicides, defoaming agent, coating agent) and pollution treatment chemicals such as four major categories.The aim is to improve paper quality and production efficiency, improve operating conditions, reduce manufacturing costs, increase economic benefits and develop new paper species.

Paper industry is a traditional light industrial industry, due to the consumption of paper and production levels also represents a national and regional economic and cultural development level, papermaking industry and national economy presents synchronous development situation.China's paper and cardboard production has increased from 30.5m tonnes in 2000 to 86.4m tonnes in 2010, and nearly tripled in 10 years, making it the world's largest producer of paper making.China's paper products also grew at an 18% rate, making it the world's second-largest paper consumer.With the increasing proportion of papermaking chemicals in papermaking industry, the average annual growth rate of papermaking chemicals is expected to be about 9%.The market for paper chemicals will exceed 50 billion by 2015.The industry of papermaking chemicals is optimistic in the domestic market.

Preparation theory of paper-making chemicals, waste paper pulping and bleaching chemicals, paper making with packing, paper with modified starch, starch in sizing and surface sizing agent and wet end chemistry of wet strength agent, dry strength agent, retention and filtration aid, and processing of paper coating chemicals, etc., this paper mainly introduces the basic knowledge of these chemicals, preparation method, preparation process, mechanism, process, application examples and their technical development.

Book is researchers papermaking chemicals, paper chemicals and technical personnel, paper production process and technical personnel of professional books, commonly used as papermaking professional course teaching material in colleges and universities.

In the process of papermaking, polyacrylamide dispersing agent can effectively prevent the reunite of fiber and improve the uniformity of the paper.Our paper dispersant can dissole in 60 min, lower content can promote good dispersion and excellent paper fibre paper forming effect, to improve the evenness and paper pulp softness, also can increase the strength of paper

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