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Paper Making Chemical Market Structure
Aug 14, 2017

Paper chemicals industry produces a variety of products are the main raw materials are all kinds of basic chemical raw materials or some primary chemical products, the number of up to more than 100 species, Paper Making Chemical but stearic acid and rosin two varieties accounted for more than 70% The process is through chemical synthesis, the main production equipment are such as reaction pot, dissolving kettle, Paper Making Chemical distillation tower, filter and other general equipment. At present, China's basic chemical industry manufacturers many, highly competitive, so the paper chemicals industry in its bargaining, the more advantages.

The downstream demand for the papermaking chemicals industry is the paper industry. The current concentration of the paper industry is low, for the atomic market structure. In general, Paper Making Chemical the papermaking chemicals production enterprises are very competitive when entering papermaking enterprises, so the papermaking chemicals industry is at a disadvantage in terms of bargaining with downstream. However, some of the strong R & D enterprises, in the market segments have a dominant advantage in the market in a monopoly, Paper Making Chemical then, when papermaking enterprises bargaining, it is in the strong side of bargaining

There are a wide variety of chemicals in the paper industry. Paper Making Chemical Before we choose a papermaking chemical, we must first understand its commercial grade and main features, including its type, chemical properties, preparation methods, storage methods, precautions, etc., can be used for purpose. Different paper chemicals, have different chemical properties. For example, the most widely used modified starch and polyacrylamide on papermaking, in which starch is cationic starch, anionic starch, starch derivatives and so on, although they are starch, their chemical properties, methods of use, their effects and effects Are not the same, Paper Making Chemical or even different. In the case of cationic starch, the degree of substitution of cationic starch for papermaking is between 0.01 and 0.07. Different degree of substitution can be used for different functional applications, and it is suitable for different kinds of paper and paper making process. Some paper additives, even the same chemical, Paper Making Chemical there will be different charge properties, its performance will be completely different, the use of different methods, the effect is not the same. Such as cationic polyacrylamide, the molecular weight and charge density are two of the two most important properties of their own, different molecular weight, its role is not the same; Paper Making Chemical different charge density, Paper Making Chemical the amount of its added and the effect is not same. According to the literature, polyacrylamide obtained by the best retention rate and the water is generated in the fiber Zeta potential is equal to or close to zero, indicating that the best amount of its fiber surface charge is dominated by the degree of domination, And the latter is directly related to the charge density and the amount of the cationic polyacrylamide added, increasing the charge density and decreasing its absorption on the pulp fibers. So the charge density is to determine the cationic polyacrylamide retention, Paper Making Chemical filter the main factors of performance. Therefore, we must first grasp the chemical properties of paper chemicals used in the factory can be targeted to the actual, in order to receive the desired results.

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