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Paper Making Chemical Various Kinds
Jun 26, 2017

There are a wide variety of paper chemicals, Paper Making Chemical and the wetting composition of the paper machine is complicated. Therefore, when adding the wet chemical additives, the basic theory of surface chemistry and colloid chemistry is combined with the environment in which the chemicals are used according to the characteristics of the chemical itself and the environment used in the chemical Out of the experience, Paper Making Chemical to gradually explore; in the wet Department of paper-making problems, but also according to these principles, and not blindly, free to add or remove chemicals.

Principles of chemical selection

In the selection of paper chemicals, the first use of chemicals and paper machine to do a comprehensive analysis of the basic situation, mainly to consider the following issues:

A. What is the role of chemicals What are the chemical properties of the chemicals added?

B. What kind of pulp is used for paper machine production, Paper Making Chemical what is its characteristic? Conduct a survey of wet water systems;

C. Some process parameters of the wet end, such as pH, wet system, cation demand, net white water concentration;

D. To consider the impact of the addition of this chemical on the existing system, the amount of added can be taken in a gradual increase in proportion; e. To consider the overall cost of the problem, find the best balance to add, if the conditions are also recommended First in the laboratory to do a small test, Paper Making Chemical the amount of chemicals added and the use of conditions to explore and optimize;

Analysis and solution of problems in wet end system

In the wet department problems, such as the first line to keep the reduction, paper disease, net white water concentration is too high, pay attention to observation and analysis, Paper Making Chemical the basic consideration of the following questions:

A. The presence of such problems is continuous or intermittent;

B. List all possible causes of the problem, and sometimes from the entire papermaking system to consider the issue, not just consider the paper chemicals, to jump out of the chemical system to see the chemical problem;

C. Take the exclusion method, Paper Making Chemical and ultimately leave a number of factors most likely to affect the stability of the system, and in accordance with the solution to the problem from easy to difficult order to gradually resolve;

Wet system operation recommendations

The whole paper machine wet system is like a "black hole", it is complex, invisible and fragile, in the machine running for some time will reach a certain balance, when the external conditions change, this balance will be broken, And cause a series of changes, to the paper machine operation problems, Paper Making Chemical so follow this idea, the paper machine wet operation and join the chemical given the following recommendations:

- to keep the paper machine system running smoothly, to meet the quality and copy the premise of adding chemicals to reduce the type and quantity;

- in the need to replace the new chemicals, to take a gradual replacement method, to consider the new chemicals and the original system compatibility, the operation of the follow-up process have no effect;

- to follow the basic principles of papermaking, Paper Making Chemical although the paper machine speed continues to improve, more advanced automation control, but some of the basic principles of papermaking operations has not changed, some copy of the parameters are basically unchanged, need to keep in mind and resolutely implement strict process conditions, Such as the concentration of the substrate, the pH of the system, Paper Making Chemical the cationic demand and the zeta potential of the wet end (which reflects the change in the ratio of water, slurry and different pulp used in the system) and the white water concentration Keep)

- to strengthen the wet end of the detection, data collection, Paper Making Chemical collation and analysis, paper is a continuous process, in the long run there must be a rule to find. Record the operation of the wet end of the paper machine at any time, for the follow-up problems to provide analysis and solve the problem of reference. Which is currently a considerable number of domestic enterprises do less than the place;

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