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To Understand The Production Process Of Styrene-acrylic Emulsion
Nov 09, 2016

1, emulsified solution

(1) A mixture of 191 kg of deionized water, 0.5 kg of sodium hydrogencarbonate, and 18.85 kg of emulsifier OS, mixed monomers (methacrylic acid: 9.64 kg; styrene: 218.8 kg; butyl acrylate: 238.4 kg; methyl methacrylate: 19.56 kg) and pre-emulsified to obtain a stable pre-emulsion.

(2) 2.4 kg of sodium persulfate added to the deionized water 64 kg, dubbed the initiator solution for use.

(3) protective colloid (sodium polymethacrylate) 8.36 kg Add 44 kg of deionized water, dubbed protective colloidal solution, spare.

2, polymerization

In the polymerization reactor were added to 200 kg of deionized water to protect the colloidal solution, pre-emulsion 60 kg, to be about 70 ℃ when the initiator solution by adding 30 kg, at about 80 ℃ to initiate polymerization, seed emulsion polymerization, can be observed in the kettle The bottom of the emulsion pan blue. After 10 minutes of incubation, the remaining pre-emulsion and initiator solution was added dropwise. Dropping to maintain the polymerization temperature of about 84-86 ℃. After the drop of insulation for one hour.

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