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Understand The Use Of Styrene-acrylic Latex?
Nov 09, 2016

Styrene-acrylic emulsion is one of the ten most non-crosslinked emulsions with important industrial application value in the world. Styrene-acrylic emulsion is an economic, universal coating emulsion, its good adhesion, transparent film, water, oil, heat, aging resistance is good. At present, the emulsion polymerization is widely used in various technical fields, as one of the indispensable materials, because the emulsion polymerization in the world to prepare a large number of various types of emulsion polymer and polymer emulsion products.

We are the chemical company R & D, production of styrene-acrylic emulsion is the choice of a variety of high-quality imports of synthetic styrene / acrylic copolymer emulsion, acrylic emulsion in the series of comparative analysis, combined with the current national conditions and the development of the external walls Latex paint special emulsion, its comprehensive performance, outstanding performance than.

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