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Wax Emulsion For The Paper Industry
Nov 09, 2016

During the paper selection process, the vast majority of paper with internal rubber compound, can make the inherent absorption of paper fiber membrane with the desired water resistance. Conventional fillers commonly used resin, such as the use of emulsified wax, can replace traditional resin dosage of 20% to 40%. The addition of paraffin microemulsion can reduce the hygroscopicity of paper and promote the uniform distribution of colloid in paper fiber structure. Another advantage of the addition of emulsified wax is that it counteracts the effects of mixing the resin binder with the various pigments, so that printability is improved and the printing efficiency is improved. Beater sizing of the paper, usually through its surface rubber or coating to further processing and refining. Is developing a new variety of emulsified wax as a production of high-grade printing paper hydrophobic agent.

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